• KAVIT - Electronics Industries LTD
    A World-Renowned Manufacturer of Superior Customized Cellular/RF Jammers, Central Control System, Radio Encryption and more.
  • KAVIT's Customer Base
    KAVIT's customer base spans almost every country in the world. We will be happy to assist you.
  • KAVIT's partnerships
    * KAVIT is an accredited MOTOROLA Partner Since 1998.
    * KAVIT is a valued partner within the world’s security markets


Main Product Lines

Our entire product assortment of KAVIT ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES LTD.

  1. Bracelet monitor
    • Supervision
    • Bracelet monitor
  2. Detection
    • IMSI/IMEI  Catcher
  3. Jamming
    • Jamming and Infrastructure protection
    • Jamming for Prisons

    • Electronic countermeasure for HLS


  4. Cellular
    • LTE Emergency system
    • Cellular jammer
    • Selective blocker
  5. Encryption
    • For 2-Way radio
    • For telephone
  6. Industrial products
    • RF Power Amplifiers
    • DC to DC Converters