Bracelet for Prisoners

Electronic Monitoring System for Correctional Facilities

The purpose of the system is to place every inmate / prisoner /

offender in a designated and confirmed virtual zone for him or

her, and thereby prevent escape from the prison.

In the event of an emergency state (e.g. health / attack /

murder report) the prisoner can immediately call for help using

the emergency / panic button.


How the system works?

Inside the correctional / detention facility (e.g. prisons, jails)

installed are LU units, which serve as transmitters/receivers;

when the cuff (a.k.a. handcuff, bracelet, etc.) transmits, the

data is received at the LU (Local Unit), which in turn transmits it

on to a server that processes those data, and then forwards the

processed data to the control room (GUI).

Furthermore, in any of the following events the system will

automatically alert the control room immediately: emergency

button activation / entry into a forbidden zone / no reception

from a certain handcuff (according to pre-defined time).

Any change and alert are recorded in the system for the

purpose of reconstruction and checking of exceptional events.



– Real-time inmate tracking.

– The possibility to analyze events after the fact. (Where

was every prisoner.)

– Entry prevention/confirmation of prisoners into areas

prohibited by black/white list for every LU (Local Unit).

– Preventing the escape of prisoners.

– Panic button in every handcuff.

– Different permissions to the system users for control and

prevention of "cooperation" between prisoners and


– “Low battery” alert.

– Full logs registration.

– Life identification.