2G/3G/4G Catcher

Kavit IMSI/IMEI Catcher provides you with a powerful intelligence tool for police surveillance and uses as a detector of unauthorized numbers in prisons.

The KC1000 extracts the IMSI(SIM) and IMEI(DEVICE) numbers from all the nearby mobile devices that operate in the GSM/UMTS/LTE modes. It uses a unique BTS cloning algorithm that improves the range and the efficiency by far more than primitive systems.

Kavit KC1000 can be deployed in a multi catcher configuration along a certain path and collect hints about tracked devices, for example: If one of the tracked devices passes through catcher 1 and later passes through catcher 2 and so on, the system will warn that it’s the same device/subscriber that was caught again and again. Eventually, the user can estimate his geolocation approximately and even the place he’s planning to arrive by information crossing or by other means.